Bonding of various cover lens

It is common for LCD modules as display devices to add overlay materials such as glass, PMMC, PET, etc. to the surface of the display.

It can be applied to the display by double-sided adhesive; it can also be applied by OCA, OCR, etc., which is commonly called optical bonding. Double-sided adhesive lamination in the middle is an air layer, there will be reflected light, so the display effect is not as good; while optical bonding because the middle is a transparent media layer, there is no air layer, reducing the number of internal reflective surface, greatly improve its optical, the display effect is still good.

                    (a) Transmissive                                                   (b) Transflection

Compared with air bonding, optical bonding adds a lot in terms of cost, and it is no longer maintenance friendly. Optical Bonding of LCDs is gaining popularity in the market, and if you need a display product with optical bonding, please contact us.