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CCTV2 Cross-border e-commerce export trade observation, Disea Stone Zheng was interviewed.


News Content; With the growth of cross-border e-commerce export trade, more and more enterprises to enter the game, they are faced with customer acquisition difficulties, shipping difficulties, logistics security and other issues need to be resolved, together to see the report:

Interview: Stone Zheng is the person in charge of an LCD module production enterprise in Shenzhen (Disea Electronics Co., limited), the products are widely used in industrial instrumentation, medical equipment and other fields, he told the reporter that in recent years, with the increasing demand for the export of products, the enterprise changed from the past to rely only on the development of overseas dealers to develop customers, and began to use cross-border B2B e-commerce He told the reporter.Since we use the platform after the amount of customers every year there are more than 500 growth, the second is the cost savings, before shipping from other channels, our cost is about 3% or so, the use of cross-border platform after we are now rates down to 1%. Stone Zheng said.