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DISEA devotes itself to the research, development and manufacturing of various of industrial TFT-LCD, with capacitive touch panels, and with AD boards.
DISEA company
DISEA company
LCD display custom solutions
Does your product have special application requirements, electrical specifications, optical specifications, touch features, or mechanical dimensions that require customized displays? DISEA can meet your custom LCD requirements.
Total solution for CTP&LCD display
Are you worried about assembling the touch screen and display screen? Disea can produce its own capacitive touch screen and provide optical bonding service between capacitive touch and TFT LCD module.
Commitment to quality reliability
Disea is recognized by ISO9001:2015 and IATF16949,meet the ROHS and other environmental rules in global markets.We ensure quality through manufacturing process management, multi-test process, and aging test.
Long-term supply
Under normal circumstances, the products we recommend can be supplied for more than 5 years. If there are special needs, we will make alternative plans in advance to ensure your long-term supply requirements.


Automotive TFT LCD
Automotive TFT LCD With the continuous development of the automobile industry, people's requirements for automobile configuration are constantly improving.Among
High brightness TFT LCD-Transmittance design countermeasure
High - brightness TFT LCD-Transmittance design countermeasureThe brightness of TFT LCD is the product of the brightness of the back light and the transmitta
Introduction to TFT LCD glass substrate
Introduction to TFT LCD glass substrateGlass substrate is the most basic material of TFT LCD, and its quality affects the qualification rate of the whole proje.TFT LCD has high requirements on glass substrate, mainly including material characteristics, s


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