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Since 2011, we have provided over 5000 customized display projects for our customers, and we have extensive experience in LCD customization. We will continue to adhere to this line in the future, which is our advantage.

With over 70 engineering staff, we can help you create a custom display solution that perfectly fits your application requirements and makes your product a success. 

Please note that there are certain minimum order quantities (MOQ) required for customized products.

We offer a variety of options for our customized TFT LCD displays, including some of our advice and experiences to share with you. You can click to open and read them. If you have any questions or need more information, please email our technical support staff.


  • Cover Glass Additions

We offer different thicknesses of glass on the cover lens. Additionally, we provide personalized logos and AG/AR/AF surface treatments.  Read this Topic


  • TFT LCD Backlight Module Customization

We can create custom backlight configurations by revising the voltage/input current, brightness or colors/NTSC. Of course, the LED life can also be customized.  Read this Topic

  • LCD Cable Customization

Adjust the length, position, and pinout for your cables or add additional connectors to make your connections streamlined and secure. To enhance EMI performance, FPC with electromagnetic film material is available.   Read this Topic

  • Resistive Touch Screen Customization

We can customize 4-wire and 5-wire resistive touch screens, including the shape, cable definition, location, and more. We have even mass-produced glass+glass resistive screens.   Read this Topic

  • Capacitive Touch Solutions Customization

We can support low-cost touch panels with 4mm or thicker covers, wet hand touch, glove mode, capacitive pen mode, anti-mistake touch, salt water touch, strong EMC performance, and so on. For every need, we offer the ideal solution.   Read this Topic

  • TFT LCD Panel Customization

We can thin, cut and customize the TFT LCD panel, which will make your product unique.   Read this Topic

  • LCD Boards Add-ons

Multi interface merging can be realized, such as interface merging of LCD and CTP; Signal conversion; Movement of connector position; Use PCB to add screw posts and positioning holes to facilitate assembly.   Read this Topic

  • Low Cost All Viewing Solution

With few LCD resource choices and TN panels' poor viewing angles, adding o-film polarizers to optimize viewing angles is an option.   Read this Topic

  • LCD Interface Customization

We can incorporate HDMI, USB, SPI, VGA and more into your display to achieve your design and application goals.   Read this Topic

  • Polarizer Improvements

Glossy and matte polarizers are available to fullfill it visible in sunglasses mode.   Read this Topic

  • Matching Accessories

Bezels, gaskets, metal mounting brackets, threaded standoffs, thin film switches and other accessories are available for customization.   Read this Topic

  • Bonding of Various Cover Lens

The display screen surface can be bonded with glass, PMMC, PC, PET, composite materials, capacitor screen, resistance screen, etc. We can support optical bonding, air bonding, LOCA bonding processes.   Read this Topic