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Combining multiple interfaces:

For an LCD module with touch functionality, it will have multiple interfaces. By combining multiple interfaces, for example the LCD and CTP interfaces, we can save one connector position, which is a good solution for customers with compact motherboards, and at the same time makes assembly much easier.

It is worth noting that, it is best that the LCD and CTP do not share the same VDD, as this can cause some power interference, this is something we need to address.--Suggestions from Disea. Of course it is possible to integrate the backlight signal, the LCD signal, the RTP signal and the CTP signal all on one TCON PCB, if you have the need.

LCD boards Add-Ons

Signal conversion:

If you are looking for a 4.3 inch 480*272 screen, the most common on the market will be RGB interfaces. But your motherboard can only support the MCU interface, is this a headache for you? No problem, Disea has a signal conversion solution to convert RGB to MCU interface. Similarly, there are other screen sizes whose native interface does not perfectly match your motherboard solution, and we will use signal conversion to suit your use. Please note: For greater stability, we usually place the conversion circuit on the PCB, which increases the overall thickness of the product and requires you to assess the dimensions of the mechanical structure in advance.

LCD boards Add-Ons

Positioning posts:

Some products need to meet certain requirements of shock vibration, some products do not have a way to fix the display very properly, in addition to using double-sided adhesive, in fact, screw hole fixing is also a very safe solution.

For products with PCB, we can increase the size of the PCB on the outside of the LCM when designing the printed circuit board, and then add over holes on the PCB to accommodate various screws. When the customer installs the LCM, they simply screw our LCM into place.

It is also possible to derive some positioning holes in the backlight's plastic housing and iron frame to facilitate screw fixing.

LCD boards Add-Ons