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Low cost all viewing solution

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In today's market, where technologies such as IPS, LTPS, OLED and AMOLED are becoming more common, there will still be many products in the TN category that do not have a good viewing angle, only 65° or even less, but have better industrial characteristics, such as a wider operating temperature and a longer-term supply.

Low cost all viewing solution

While many products with IPS, LTPS and OLED panels have wide viewing, but tht specifications that are more suitable for consumer products, their specifications are mostly unsuitable for industrial display products, and the biggest problem is that their life time is on the short side, just one to two years, which is fatal for industrial products. Industrial products usually require a life time of 5-10 years, and the discontinuation of panel production means loss of product supply and project failure. Therefore, there is still a place for TN panels suitable for the industrial display market.

Most of the TFT-LCD glass currently used in the industrial market is of the TN type. However, the TN panel has a disadvantage that the grey scale inversion phenomenon is also very obvious, that is, the display from 0 grey scale (black) to 255 grey scale (white) theoretically should be the higher the number of grey scale is brighter, but the LCD display in a certain large angle when it is possible to see the low grey scale than the high grey scale is also bright, this phenomenon is called grey scale inversion. Therefore, the viewing angle of TN panels is often 6 o'clock or 12 o'clock.

Our O-film TFT module can increase the viewing angle width and improve the grey scale inversion phenomenon, the following is a comparison between normal TFT and O-film TFT. However, the O-Film TFT also has improved grey scale inversion when viewed from an angle higher than the optimum viewing angle at 6 o'clock. O-Film TFTs are therefore the best solution for wide viewing angles in industrial applications where there is no alternative to full viewing angles.

Low cost all viewing solution Low cost all viewing solution
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