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Anti-Reflection Film technology

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LCD monitors are commonly used in bright environments.At the same time, the light source causes reflection and/or glare on the monitor’s surface which deteriorates display quality and causes visual discomfort. Advertisement displays used outdoors or in Kiosks need special processing to get the best effects.

ITEM Coating Type Reflection Transmittance Pencil Hardness(500g)
LR Spray <7% >92.5% 5H
AR Deposition <4% >95.5% 6H

Using the concept of destructive interference of light, anti-reflective (AR) coatings utilize stacking layers structure over the glasssurfaces that vastly improve the efficiency of the optical performance by increasing transmission, enhancing contrast, and eliminating ghost images.

AR coating is vulnerable against finger prints, therefore extra layer of AF costing is always required.

Anti-Reflection Film technology