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LCD display technology--MVA display

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MVA (Multi-domain Vertical Alignment) displays can offer wide viewing angles, good black depth, fast response times, and good color reproduction and depth. Each pixel within a MVA type TFT consists of three sub-pixels (Red, Green and Blue). Each of these sub-pixels is divided further into two or more sub-pixels, where the liquid crystals are randomly lined up due to the ridged polarized glass.  

 LCD display technology--MVA display

How it works:

1. Light is generated from a backlight source, typically LED. Light is generated as close to white spectrum.

2. Driver ICs will logically control to activate pixels on or off.

   > Inactive LCD pixels will block light.

   > Active pixels will open with the direction of the light to let it pass through. 

3. Top Circular polarization is added to enhance contrast. 

4. Color is added through a color filter to all sub-pixels (R,G,B).