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LCD Cable customization

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LCD screen cables are typically connected in one of two ways.

Solution 1: Connected via the FPC bonded to the LCD, the customer uses a matching connector to plug directly into the LCD.

Solution 2: A connector is left on the LCD module and the client uses the FPC cable, FFC cable and cable as a medium for signal transmission to the connector on the motherboard..

LCD Cable customization

Both ways have very special features, solution 1 will make your product more compact, suitable for handheld type products, the cost is also cheaper; solution 2 is suitable for the motherboard and the display of the installation is not very close industrial products, need to transmit data to the display over a long distance, a reliable cable is very necessary, of course this way will be more expensive, for products with vibration requirements, it will also be more reliable.

Disea has very sophisticated technical solutions for both types of connection.


Disea can customise different shapes, different lengths, different PIN definitions and different pin pitches to suit your different structural and interface requirements. In addition, FPCs can also be manufactured with electromagnetic shielding film material to achieve better EMI immunity performance. At the same time, we can also start in the circuit of the FPC, add some anti-interference circuit, filter circuit, optimise the layout and resistance matching to meet the different requirements of different application markets for electromagnetic tolerance, so that your products in the design of more performance advantages, more quality assurance.

LCD Cable customization



Disea can adapt the cable to different lengths, materials and connectors to meet your different interface requirements. In addition, if there is a requirement in signal processing, it can also be improved by adding shields, grounds, electromagnetic ring, etc. We have the solutions and the experience to deliver them quickly and reliably.

LCD Cable customization