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Disea Electronics Co., limited-Ten years birthday


Disea Electronics Co., limited has been established for more than ten years, in these ten years, there are some colleagues who have been working in our company, they are our old staff, they are the object of learning for our new staff, they keep on sharing their knowledge and experience to the new colleagues to help them grow up, and to be the lighthouse of their mind. It is their ten years of dedication that made Disea what it is today.

We held a special dinner for the 10th anniversary, and Wuliyan, the representative of the 10th anniversary, spoke: from Xiao Wu in the mouths of her colleagues to Sister Wu in the mouths of her colleagues, these ten years have been unforgettable ten years, and she will continue to continue her career in Disea.

Disea also gave out gold coins with our company logo especially for these 10th anniversary employees, yes, it's real gold, it's very expensive, but it's really worthy of these employees who have been working for 10 years, it's an honor exclusively for them. Disea will have another ten years, even twenty, let's work together for this.


Disea Electronics Co., limited-Ten years birthday