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We moved to a new factory!

News Letter

My dear friends, our factory moved! DISEA officially moved factory to new address of Building A1, Electronic Information Industrial Park, No.8 Keji 1st Road, Dinghu District, Zhaoqing City in May 2023. This movement presents the 2nd development phase of DISEA — Growth! Due to the development needs in the coming future, this new base becomes DISEA's main base,where all products will be designed, manufactured, and sold. The original Shenzhen base will continue to keep some sales and sales support function.


We moved to a new factory!

We moved to a new factory!


The new factory is located in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. Zhaoqing is one major production site of Four Chinese Treasures of Study - inkstone since long long time ago. The purple stone mine utilized to produce purple inkstone is located in Zhaoqing.

From now on, here we have not only purple inkstone but also DISEA display!

New plant covers 25,000㎡ with a 4-floor building, focusing on R&D and manufacturing TFT module, Touch Screen……

More details about factory hardwares:

1.Equipped with 5 TFT and 2 Touch Screen automatic production lines, as well as AOI test equipments which effectively test the FPC bonding to achieve accuracy rate of 99.8%.


We moved to a new factory!

We moved to a new factory!

We moved to a new factory!


2.Fully realizing the automation production lines from cell cutting to whole TFT production, like cell cutting equipment and ultrasonic cleaning, dispensing machine, backlight assembly equipment, etc., solving the drawbacks of artificial manufacturing, and greatly improving the yield and efficiency of the production.

3.In Touch Screen production line, a new automatic touch bonding and optical bonding line is installed. Currently, optical bonding maximum size is 55.0 inch.

4.At present, DISEA’s monthly production capacity can reach 3KKpcs/M.

5.The new plant provides OEM and ODM service.

Our Vision: Inheriting like purple inkstone.

Welcome to see us here.