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15.6 inch FHD TFT LCD display module with HDMI interface and USB capacitive touch panel

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ZW-T156BFH-01CP is a TFT-LCD module. It is composed of a TFT-LCD panel, driver IC, FPC,a back light unit ,backlight driver board, HDMI driver board and CTP etc. The 15.6” display area contains 1920x1080 pixels and can display up to 262K colors. This product accords with RoHS environmental criterion.


 LCD Parameter

Item Contents Unit
LCD Type TFT -
Display color 262K  
Viewing Direction ALL O’Clock
Operating temperature 0~+50
Storage temperature -10~+60
Module size 15.6 Inch
Active Area(W×H) 344.16x193.59 mm
Number of Dots 1920x1080 dots
Driver IC - -
Power Supply Voltage 12V(PCBA) / 5V(HDMI)/5V(USB CTP) V
Outline Dimensions 383.35x240.25x23.23 -
Backlight 10S6P-LEDs (white) pcs
Interface HDMI -
Lcm luminance 400 cd/m²


CTP Parameter

Item Contents Unit
Outline Size 383.35(H)x240.25(V)x3.90(T) mm
Cover View Area 344.00(H)x194.90(V) mm
CTP Resolution 16348x16348 dots
Interface Mode USB -
Touch Mode 10 Human fingers multi-touch -
Surface hardness >=6H -
Transparency >=85% -
Accuracy Centre +/-2.5,Edge +/-3.5mm mm
CTP Controller ILI2510 -
Power Supply Voltage 5 V

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