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2018 Disea Year-End Roundup & Tailgate Annual Meeting


Disea Electronics 2018 year-end summary meeting and tailgate New Year's Eve party was successfully held on January 19, 2019 at the headquarters in Shenzhen.

In the Disea Electronics 2018 end summary meeting, the leaders delivered speeches, summarized the shortcomings and progress in the year, and expected Delsey to improve the production efficiency and product development process in 2019, so as to provide better service and support to Disea s customers.

Image: 2018 Tailgate.jpg

In 2018, Disea electronic performance continued to grow, the market field continues to expand, and the industry's influence continues to deepen, and at the same time, a number of excellent employee representatives and role models have emerged around us, who work diligently in their own jobs, and play the role of a benchmark and role model. They are Disea's good employees, but also Disea's family members. We hope that in the new year, we can ride out the storm together, overcome the obstacles and reap a full harvest.

Thank you to Disea customers for their high expectations.

Thank you for the joy brought by Disea partners.


2018 Disea Year-End Roundup & Tailgate Annual Meeting2018 Disea Year-End Roundup & Tailgate Annual Meeting