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LCD Interface customization


Very often, when many industrial displays are in use, it may be driven by a Raspberry Pi, which requires an HDMI interface, which is the most convenient way to connect. The LCM usually does not support the HDMI interface directly, so we have to implement the signal input by adding an HDMI driver board. Of course, as with Windows hosts, VGA is also an optional solution.

The LCD driver board is an additional service for us. 5.0" 7.0" 10.1" and other sizes are available off the shelf, including HDMI and VGA interfaces, and can be converted by adding an LCD driver board to facilitate direct customer use.

LCD Interface customization


Of course, sometimes you have a special platform, e.g. you can only support SPI interfaces and want to use a 4.3" or even a 5.0" 7.0" display. Sorry, the original LCD MOUDLE does not support the SPI interface, its data transfer rate is really slow, and at this size it will have this higher resolution, it does not fit SPI in principle, then we can add an SPI driver board with cache and font, so your product can directly drive the SPI interface, reducing your development time and cost.

LCD Interface customization

We have also found that many customers have a variety of needs, perhaps a 4.3" or 5.0" MCU screen, but unfortunately the original LCD driver IC does not support the MCU. We can provide a 4.3" or 5.0" to support the MCU interface, either on the FPC or on the TCON PCB, which is also ideal. Of course, this will add some cost, but it is still an economical option compared to replacing your development platform.

LCD Interface customization

I2C/USB Capacitive touch module:

Capacitive touchscreens have both I2C and USB interfaces, some customers prefer USB, some prefer I2C and some need to keep both interfaces open. We can do both and even combine the interfaces of the LCD for easy assembly by the customer.

Customized Requirements

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