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Automotive TFT LCD

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With the continuous development of the automobile industry, people's requirements for automobile configuration are constantly improving.Among them, vehicle LCD has become an indispensable vehicle configuration.The function of on-board display screen is very powerful, providing the user with route navigation, vehicle condition information, road condition information, entertainment and leisure and other functions while driving the car.

Automotive TFT LCD

The following is a brief introduction to the functions and characteristics of the Automotive TFT LCD.

The vast majority of Automotive display screens are TFT LCD.Due to the special use environment of Automotive display screens, compared with ordinary LCD screen, Automotive display screens is generally required to be moisture-proof, dust proof, anti-glare, visible under sunlight,and resistant to high and low temperatures.As a result, Disea's Automotive display screens usually adopts LCD technologies such as wide temperature, anti-glare, high brightness and capacitive touch.


Wide temperature: The widest use temperature of the Automotive Liquid crystal glass is -40~+85℃, and the widest storage temperature is -40~+95℃.

Automotive TFT LCD


Anti glare: such as plate bonding, we can use the OCA optical bonding, which can effectively reduce the reflectance of light, also can increase the AR optical coating technology (Anti-Reflection Film),using the destructive interference of light concept, through the diaphragm structure attached to the surface of the glass, can significantly improve the optical performance, such as increasing transmittance, improve contrast to and eliminate the phenomenon of ghost, which can effectively improve the ability in LCD display in the sun.

High brightness: Due to the driving environment of the car is in sunlight, there are certain requirements for the brightness of the vehicle display screens. Currently, Disea has very rich and mature production experience for TFT LCD with brightness of 1000CD /m2.

Capacitive touch panel: Nowadays the configuration of cars is more and more intelligent, the central control LCD with touch function has become a trend.Large size and multi-touch control have become the requirements of most automobile consumers for the vehicle central control display.The capacitive touch screen of Disea's automotive can satisfy the user's good experience of large size, anti-glare, multi-touch and so on, as well as meet the high reliability and durability of the automotive display standards.


Shenzhen Disea Electronics Co., LTD.,with ITAF16949 certificate issued by TUV, can produce all kinds of TFT LCD for automotive to use.Sizes from 3.5 inches to 12.3 inches are available to meet different size requirements.Our TFT LCD industrial LCD, developed for automotive display screen applications, meets the requirements of automotive specifications, with wider operating and storage temperatures, anti-glare functions and higher display brightness.Provide the best display for different automotive.