The solution of Sunlight readable--2.Transflective


How to make sunlight readable tft?

 When you check your display under the sunlight, many people have experiences that they can not see the display clearly under sunlight, at this time, you would need sunlight readable display, in this article, we would introduce these solution about sunlight readable tft.


1>Provide high Luminance backlight source,used to resist strong light.

2>Transflective solution.

3>If with Touch panel,optical bonding is a better solution.


This article describes the second solution:


2>Transflective solution.

Transflective LCD displays have both transmissive and reflectivecharacteristics.


They contain an integrated backlight unit and a semi-transparent reflector or a reflector with a hole for each pixel. Again, the reflector can be behind the rear polarizer or inside the LCD cell behind the liquid crystal layer. Light from the backlight can pass the semi-transparent reflector and operate the display in transmissive mode. At the same time, ambient light can be reflected so that the display is visible in direct sunlight as well. Care must be taken to account for the fact that in transmissive mode of operation the light passes the liquid crystal layer once, while in reflective mode it passes the liquid crystal layer twice. The appearance of transflective displays is a compromise. It is the most flexible solution as it allows for lower power consumption in bright environments, and readability in any lighting condition. This comes at the expense of top performance in the pure illumination modes and sometimes significant additional manufacturing cost.