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The Concept and Features of the Outdoor High-brightness LCD Displays

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The brightness of the LCD displays in some outdoor equipment, such as handheld infrared thermometers, outdoor commercial screens, etc. are usually required to reach an extreme high standard due to the environment, which needs us to use the outdoor high brightness ones as the screens of the devices. Now, let’s share the concept and features of the outdoor high brightness LCD displays.

The Concept and Features of the Outdoor High-brightness LCD Displays


Ⅰ.The Concept of the Outdoor High brightness LCD Displays

Outdoor high brightness liquid crystal display displays, as the name suggest, are far brighter than the standard ones. The ordinary brightness displays just have a maximum brightness of 500 nits, making users impossible to see the screens clearly outside. The high brightness displays can be used directly in bright sunlight as their principle are to improve the brightness of its backlight source by using LED backlight to make it comparable to or even higher than the outdoor brightness which is typically not less than 500 nits, and the ideal sunlight readable brightness is from 800 to 1000 nits.

Besides, outdoor highlight screens must have features such as wide viewing angle, anti-dust and anti-water to ensure the proper operation in a variety of outdoor changing environment.


Ⅱ. Features of Outdoor High-brightness LCD Displays

The superiority of high brightness, high resolution, long life, wide temperature range, anti-water and anti-dust are gathered by outdoor high-brightness LCD displays.

First of all, the high brightness, which is always higher than 500 nits, is the most noticeable attribute. High-efficiency LED backlight modules significantly enhance the display's brightness and contrast while also improving its effect and life. As a result, it is able to realize its functions, including being able to be read and seen clearly in the sunlight and having a very wide range of brightness.

Secondly, resolution is a crucial factor as well. It describes the maximum amount of pixels that can be shown on a screen both horizontally and vertically. High resolution enhances the picture's delicacy and allows the screen to show more important information.

Thirdly, the wide temperature of the outdoor highlight LCD screens. The condition outdoor is variable, ranging from high temperatures to ultra-low temperatures below zero. Therefore, the LCD screens used outdoors must have the features of a wide range of temperature, operation temperature and storage temperature must reach the range from -30℃ to 85℃. Only by paying close attention to high and low temperature design, can LCD fault problems be reduced.

Now, let us discuss its anti-dust and anti-water properties. Apart from the changing environment in the hot summer or cold winter, dust and water should be taken into account. The outdoor LCD screens are generally developed together with the entire machine to avoid dust and water, and we should pay more attention to the selection of the material.

At present, the outdoor high-brightness LCD screens are widely used in aviation, ships, outdoor handheld devices, industrial embedding, large shopping malls, medical equipment and other fields. They cost too much more than the ordinary LCD screens because there are extremely requests on the screens themselves. Therefore, customers had better choose the appropriate products according to your own requirements in order to keep cost under control.