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Several display screen enhancements

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Optical bonding

The application of a touch panel (or simply protective glass) to a display using a liquid adhesive. In general, this process improves the module's parameters and optical properties, as well as its durability.

 Several display screen enhancements

O-Film or other luminance enhancement films

Both are screen enhancement options. The use of o-Film increases the viewing angle of any Disea display. Brightness Enhancement Film (BEF) on the other hand, provides a brightness gain of up to 120 percent. All you have to do is add this thin surface to the desired display.

 Several display screen enhancements

Touch controllers

If your project requires a more complex touch function, Ilitek, ATMEL, and EETI are excellent choices for driver solutions, and we have very mature solutions and examples available. They can implement specialized applications such as water touch, capacitive pen touch, salt water touch, thick cover touch, and so on. Choose from the Goodix and FocalTech touch solutions for more traditional applications that require a low cost.


Support for implementation

Disea Electronics is ready to serve you regardless of how large or small the project is. Because of the team's extensive experience, the process of creating a customized display for you is quick and inexpensive. Of course, Disea Electronics will assist you during the project's implementation phase. We will advise you on the best display solution for your project, how to rewrite the screen's drivers if necessary, what potential risks to avoid, and so on.

Please do not hesitate to contact Disea Electronics if you require a customized display solution.