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<strong>Capacitive screen panel surface treatment</strong>
Capacitive screen panel surface treatment

CTP Surface treatment:Anti-Glare(AG),Anti-Reflection(AR),Anti-Fingerprint(AF).

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<strong> Wide operating temperature TFT display technology</strong>
Wide operating temperature TFT display technology

Wide operating temperature TFT display technologyTFT Colour LCD Display is becoming more pervasive for indoor or outdoor applications, especially the demand in

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<strong>LCD display technology--TFT display</strong>
LCD display technology--TFT display

TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) Displays are active-matrix LCDs with full RGB color screens. These screens feature bright, vivid colors and have the ability to show

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LCD display technology--TN display
LCD display technology--TN display

TN-LCD is short for Twist Nematic Liquid Crystal Display. The basic principle of TN LCD display is to place the liquid crystal between two conductive glass sub

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<strong>LCD display technology--MVA display</strong>
LCD display technology--MVA display

MVA (Multi-domain Vertical Alignment) displays can offer wide viewing angles, good black depth, fast response times, and good color reproduction and depth. Each

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<strong>Anti-Reflection Film technology</strong>
Anti-Reflection Film technology

LCD monitors are commonly used in bright environments.At the same time, the light source causes reflection and/or glare on the monitor&rsquo;s surface wh

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<strong>Disea transflective TFT  LCD display</strong>
Disea transflective TFT LCD display

A transflective liquid-crystal display is a liquid-crystal display (LCD) that reflects and transmits light (transflective is a portmanteau of transmissive and r

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